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About Danie’s Sauces

Danie’s Sauces was established in 1999 when Danie Hattingh saw a gap in  the market for a fish braai sauce and developed his own “kitchen” product. His  experience in the restaurant and fish industry helped him a lot to develop this  one of a kind sauce. This all started in Hartenbos, Southern Cape. In 2004 he  relocated to Cape Town. These sauces are “kitchen” products made with real  ingredients.

Our clients vary from the local fish shop to meat / fish deli’s, restaurants, meat  markets, retailers and seafood wholesalers as well as the well-known  Seafood/Fish Merchants of South Africa. Wherever there are raw or cooked  seafood products our range of sauces will complement the sales and we also  started supplying the catering industry with 5 litre sauces.

About the Factory

In March 2010 the company settled into their new premises in Stikland  Industrial. The factory complies with the Food Industrial Manufacturing  Standards and is fitted with cooking pots that were made according to SABS  requirements. Herklaas Breytenbach, a guru in production and packaging has  bought into the company and handles all the factory production and packaging  needs. Danie sold his shares to Herklaas in 2012 and has since been a family  business for Herklaas his wife and daughter.

Danie’s Sauces & Enterprises are manufacturers of fish braai sauces, spices  and has also started a range in braai spices which are doing extremely well.  Due to the extreme demand in the products, Danie’s had to make the decision  to make use of a bigger manufacturing company to assist in manufacturing  their products.


Continuous growth through leadership,  innovation and a focus on excellence.


To ethically deliver high quality creative  products and service to our customers.


In the modern world people can no longer expect large enterprises to guarantee  them jobs for life. Individuals are increasingly expected to seek out their own  opportunities, actively create value and behave ethically, rather than faithfully  follow rules and routines set by others. In particular, today's young people need  to learn to be enterprising, both when working for others and when setting up  their own businesses.
Being enterprising involves taking responsibility for  decision making, becoming increasingly self-reliant, pioneering, adventurous,  daring, dynamic, progressive, opportunist, ambitious and holding your values,  as well as being able to initiate ideas and see them through into action.
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